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Dr. Amendolara can work with you no matter where you live in the US or in the world. The techniques he uses are just as effective by telephone and Skype as they are in person.

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The following disorders also usually respond to holistic techniques:

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Zero Pain Now Practitioner

Natural Pain Relief

To find out if this holistic approach will work for you, the first step is to take the PainTest.  This short questionnaire will help you know if stress and unrecognized emotions are causing your symptoms.  If they are, then that's great news because it's so much easier to learn how to deal with some unrecognized emotions than it is to fix a structural abnormality.

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TMJ Dysfunction, Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur), Migraine & Tension Headaches, Neuropathy, ​Osteoarthritis​, Rotator Cuff Problems

​​Licensed Medical Doctor

​Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

I'm Dr. Michael Amendolara.  I'm here to help as many people as possible get free from chronic pain using natural pain relief techniques. Many forms of chronic pain respond much better to a natural, holistic approach than a traditional medical approach.  So if your pain has not responded to more traditional medical or even surgical treatments there's still a good chance that the techniques I use will work for you.  Thousands of people who used to suffer from chronic physical pain are now pain free. Once you learn the truth about what is really causing your pain, it's likely that you'll also be able to eliminate your pain once and for all.

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What is Really Going On?

They have one thing in common - while typically blamed on structural abnormalities all of these disorders are actually usually caused by stress, tension and unrecognized uncomfortable emotions

What Do All of These Disorders Have in Common?


Neck Pain

Chronic Whiplash
Chronic Tendonitis

Other Chronic Body Pain

Michael Amendolara, MD

I help people free themselves from months, years or decades of pain by teaching them how to break the cycle of what's going on in their minds leading to physical pain.  I do this using Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now Program without the need for medications, physical therapy, chiropractics, pain injections or surgery.  For clients who work with a Zero Pain Now Practitioner like myself, the success rate is currently greater than 97%. 

You may have  been told that the cause of your pain is a physical abnormality in your a bulging disc or a herniated disc or arthritis or spinal stenosis..  But this usually isn't true.  Physical/structural abnormalities are very rarely the cause of the types of pain listed above. In fact, about 97% of the time they are not.This is why so many people fail to respond to medical, surgical and even alternative treatments.  These treatments all try to treat physical abnormalities.  But they don't work because  these physical abnormalities are not the actual cause of the pain most of the time.  

So, if its not the structural abnormalities that are causing your pain, then what is?

The real cause of the pain is stress, tension and unrecognized uncomfortable emotions.


Stress and emotions have a big effect on our bodies and can actually cause almost any physical symptoms...most commonly causing pain, numbness, tingling, burning and weakness. These symptoms can last months, years or even decades until the stress and emotions are addressed.   The pain is real and physical and can be excruciating,,,it just doesn't start in the starts in the mind. 

Fortunately, it's very easy to eliminate the chronic pain and  other symptoms when they're caused  stress and emotions.  Most clients eliminate there long-standing symptoms completely in 1-3 weeks.

Low Back Pain

Bulging Disc

Herniated Disc

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Arthritis

If You've Been Told You Have Any of These Disorders It's Very Likely That You Can Eliminate Your Pain Completely

If you suffer from chronic physical (musculoskeletal) pain, there is hope for you to become pain free! Even if you've already tried chronic pain management or other chronic pain relief programs.

You May Be Able To Eliminate Your Chronic Pain Once And For All!